115 Commits (master)

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  Kazhnuz ed057a8167 meta: update changelog 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 37f78972a5 improvement: break down the theme in reusable components 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 7c00655aff fix: support image building 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 7f2f977ea2 fix: handle linking 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 7199a5c3d5 meta: some changelog improvements 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 8aec530caf meta: use keep a changelog for the changelog 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 428bbaea2b meta: switch build system to the gulp 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz a01a775848 feat: basic unused test for a future "chlore" style. 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 79520c3d38 improvement: use container-semifluid everywhere 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 68d053cfdf fix: make sure that automatic navbar color also apply to buttons 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz d662adc844 feature: add a custom container to replace wrapper-backed paddings 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz ee4a6cccaa feat(navbar): add a more complete navbar system 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 800dc309ba feat(palette): separate text coloring function to a new function 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz c0cfa3df07 improvement: make sure that too small page are handled correctly 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz e2b99475e6 improvement: add responsive support 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 7198ffb55f improvement: new palette system 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 7b41164742 improvement: make .card more of a "container" class 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 8dd69553b8 meta: prepare version 3.2.0 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz e1a1e5056a fix: use right font-weight for badges 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz a4e62f5b7a improvement: better margins 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 777e7ef31b chore: update to latest clear-typography 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 4897b19859 improvement: rework text shadows 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 3a0cc060c5 feat: add transparent navbar support 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 9b1b600e15 improvement: better shadows 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz f649e2e8f2 improvement: refactor the whole preview system 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 36db38dc5f improvement: rework radiuses 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz b2d1bf7029 chore: refactor cards 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 67cbfc3f58 chore: better tabs for description 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 2755fbb7de fix: handful of button bugfixing 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 9179375295 chore: refactor entirely the scss code 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz e93d406c99 prepare for 3.1.1 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 10a858fccd dep: switch to fork-awesome 1.1.3 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 200f1ab513 dep: switch to Clear-Typography 1.2 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 249de3b319 prepare for 3.1 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 39da845e2b palette: make dark color darker 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 8ac4fb14cc style: use yellow for mark color 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 3ecf9a0028 palette: add three new colors (yellow, brown, grey) 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 2527064f61 scss: add an override stylesheet 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 9542b30ab7 colorize: add support for blockquote and pre 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 6859972112 colorize: add support for mark 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz c2b4e4ba04 style: put the li-no-margin mixin in commons 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 20b9e64f43 palette: put customizable palette color in style.scss 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 172343503e css: export css 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz fe9df0b82e style: make commons elements a separate elements 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz c0795ee357 palette: separate colored elements 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 9f51c44eb1 palette: transform into a style submodule 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz d7188553c4 style: more clear typography fixes 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz c30100fe26 style: simplify social media handling 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz 0ea151f1d8 style: fix incompatibilities with clear-typography 1.1 2 years ago
  Kazhnuz fd584acca3 dependancies: use clear-typography 1.1 2 years ago