A small bootstrap theme
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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](https://keepachangelog.com/en/1.0.0/),
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](https://semver.org/spec/v2.0.0.html).
## [Unreleased]
- code: The project is now compiled with [gulp](https://gulpjs.com/)
- code: Complete scss refactoring
### Added
- style: added new system to handle "headernav", navbar-like area.
- style: add a container-semifluid, somewhat between container-fluid and container
- style: transparent navbar
### Changed
- scss refactoring :
- Rework entirely the palette to use a map instead of a set of variables
- Programmatically handle colorization (automatically handled by the palette)
- Rework the way card works (by making them more a "container class")
- Add automatic colorization of text according to the elements color for buttons, navbar, etc.
- Bigger text size by default
- gulp base :
- break down the html files into reusable parts
- harmonize elements between examples
- style: Narrower shadows
- style: Removal of buttons position on hover
- style: new paddings to follow better the vertical rythm
- style: make everything dependant of the base size
- dep: bump Clear-Typography to 2.0
### Removed
- style: dump the need of navbar-light and navbar-dark
## [3.1.1] -
### Changed
- dep: Bump Fork-Awesome to 1.1.3
- dep: Bump Clear-Typography to 1.2
## [3.1.0]
- code: port everything to SCSS
- dep: Use Clear-Typography 1.1
### Added
- Background Colors fully supported (.bg-<color_name>)
- Text color (.text-<color_name>)
- Customizable link color (via SCSS variable)
- Customizable selection color (via SCSS variable)
- Three new colors in palette : yellow, brown, grey
### Changed
- Borders and shadow streamlined
- Slight color changes due to the new way of working of the palette
- Inset shadow in navbar removed
- Darker "$color-dark" color
- code: changes due to SCSS
- Transform the palette in one of the style submodules
- Use submodules to make the scss easier to modify
- Use SCSS variables to handle palette and modifiable elements
### Fixed
- Badge hover/focus styling fixed
- Every fixes and improvement coming from Clear-Typography 1.1
## [3.0.0]
### Added
- New Palette based on a work by Tobias Bernard for the Fractal application
- Color that aren't based on semantics
- Branding colors for social networks
- Components :
- Adopted a triple-collumn layout for the footer
- New components : social media links
- New style for card headers
- New style for buttons
- New style for alerts
- New style for breadcrumb
- New style for navbar
### Changed
- dep: Replaced Font-Awesome by Fork-Awesome
- dep: Switched bootstrap version to bootstrap4
### Removed
- dep: stop using Comic Nueue
## BlueSky 2.x
## [2.1.0]
- Removed unused classes
- Renamed misleading classes
- Some style fixes
- Reorganized stylesheet
## [2.0.0]
- Remade the style entirely
- Used material design palette