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  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 2c145bced8 fix: kazhnuz.space use wordpress now 2 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 0bde1df9e2 fix: remove padding in large form in site list 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul fc878cacf3 fix: re-add quarante-douze 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 73a125baa9 feat: rework how the site are shown 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul b171b4bf80 feat: ajout univers 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 828b82f7a2 fix: corrections de liens 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 3b332963c7 fix: meilleurs couleur pour birb/rulebook 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 56d28cd9b7 fix: desactivation temporaire de quarante-douze 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 12eaa98807 feat: ajout liens vers la vault 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul bbdb118501 fix: ajout d'une navigation 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 77c635cdf4 fix: better title icons 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul be95eb46a7 feat: ajout categorisation 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz Klappsthul 779b250195 feat: add dependencies install 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz 51db30374f fix: fix generate.sh 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz a39bf528ba improvement: make dist a temporary folder 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 7c924c8a56 fix: amélioration support tableaux 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 259e38f9ab feat: ajout support tableaux 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 96615cbd23 improvement: smaller font size 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz b7eb73689d feat: nouveau footer 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz bdb8aaf2d6 chore: rename index 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz b460dc2522 feat: ajout plus de sites 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 861a1980f1 feat: ajout blagounette 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 08812477df feat: utilisation de ejs pour le templating 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 1b068ca819 feat: last style fixes 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 10ff5214f1 chore: separate in two pages 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz f00e3dad7d feat: add custom styles 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 7a7fa77405 improvement: use bluesky theme 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 7ad3941259 feat: add gulp support 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz c33b2e99ed improvement: rebrand into kobold.city 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 470807bca8 chore: place dependencies in dep 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 935266a392 improvmeent: remove php files 11 months ago
  Kazhnuz 0ff55d53db Add nextcloud instance 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 2fbc298b76 Remove index.html 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz d4db6be97e index: add gamecore 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz dc3326c84d index: port cards to drawCard() 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 549cec736b includes/card: close all div tags 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 33cb9dd620 index: set index as a php file and keep example as an html file 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 98b1c5e598 includes: add basic card php function 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz a808892dae index: write entirely pluXML's name 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 82523653ee index: improve wording 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 0fa00fba17 index: simplify the code a bit 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz ad0708dd8d index: add a section about the name 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 5d06b07086 index: rework entirely the description 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 2896f0125f index: fix an oops in the description 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 2f49b302ba index: improve a bit the footer 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 9271171fb4 index: put all service together 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz f3e2082605 style/cards: add special card-title styles 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 5dcffa564a style/card: hardcode some card text height 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 01f2f448c2 style/typography: better styling for "powered by..." texts 1 year ago
  Kazhnuz 8b267984c3 index: colorize differently site cards 1 year ago